Independent Accountants' Financial Group Inc.

Why Join the Independent Accountants’ Financial Group

You Own Your Wealth Management Business

Under our model, you own your own financial planning team and (through your ownership interest in IAIC’s parent company, IAFG) are a co-owner in IAIC, the registered portfolio manager.  Rather than simply referring clients to a third-party investment manager, your firm retains ownership of your wealth management business.

You Maintain Control of Your Client Relationship

Although as a registered portfolio manager IAIC must have direct contact with your wealth management clients, your firm maintains overall control of the financial planning relationship with your clients.

Ongoing Benefits for Member Firms

IAFG provides substantial support to its member firms on an on-going basis.  Each firm has access to our team of experienced professionals who provide support with financial planning, life insurance services, client services, marketing, compliance and many other services.  IAFG organizes monthly forums and annual conferences that ensure our member firms exchange knowledge and benefit from continuing education programs.

Compliance with Securities Regulations and Professional Rules of Conduct

IAIC manages its compliance with securities regulations and helps ensure that the IAFG member firms, which are not regulated, refrain from conducting activities for which registration with securities regulators is required.  IAFG management helps member firms ensure that they continue to comply with CPA rules of professional conduct.

Over 20 Years of Experience

Your firm will benefit immediately from the knowledge and experience our group of firms has gained from providing wealth management services to clients since 1999.

Proven Model

Your clients will benefit from the integration of the expertise of the accountant, financial planner and investment manager, working together in the best interest of the client.  Our model works.

Easy To Get Started

We provide you with a 180-day plan to get your firm’s wealth management business up and running.

Peer Support/Best Practises

By joining our group, your firm gains immediate access to the documented collection of best practices our member firms share with each other.

How To Join

The process of joining our group is very straightforward. We are happy to meet with your firm to discuss wealth management and tell you more about our group and how to join.

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