Independent Accountants' Financial Group Inc.

Why Offer Wealth Management

It's Good for Your Clients


  • You are your client’s #1 trusted financial advisor.  You know and care about your client and act with their best interest in mind.  Many of your clients will be eager to entrust their financial planning to you and their investment management to IAIC, the registered portfolio management company that your firm co-owns with the IAFG group of firms.

The Financial Plan Is the Starting Point

  • We emphasize that the financial plan is always the starting point for a client’s wealth management needs – and who better to provide that service than the client’s trusted accountant.  We are constantly surprised by the number of clients who have investments with a wealth management advisor but have never received or implemented a comprehensive financial plan.

The Power of Integration

  • Under the IAFG service model, the client can be sure that the financial planner, accountant and IAIC’s investment management team are working together to ensure all the moving parts of the financial plan – business and tax planning, succession planning, retirement planning, estate planning, investment management, etc. – are coordinated in order to maximize the benefit to the client.

The Financial Plan Actually Gets Executed

  • Plans are helpful only if they are acted upon.  The IAFG service model helps ensure that a client’s financial plan is properly implemented.

Comfort and Security

  • For even the most experienced and successful business owners and professionals, wealth management can involve uncertainty, doubt and anxiety.  Your clients will feel much greater comfort and security when they engage your firm to manage their full suite of wealth management needs.

It’s Good for Your Firm

You Deliver What the Client Needs

  • With the knowledge you possess of the client’s history, current situation and future possibilities, you are in the best position to be able to help the client manage the difficult decisions that will impact the client’s wealth throughout his or her business career and lifetime.

You Deepen Your Relationship with the Client

  • The IAFG member firms have been surprised at how much more they learned about even their long-term clients when they began providing full financial planning services to them.  Our firms have been able to deepen their relationships with their clients and serve them better.

You Maintain a Strong Relationship with the Client after Sale of Business

  • Once the client has sold his or her business, the depth and breadth of services your firm is able to provide to the client post-sale drops substantially, as can the closeness of the relationship in future years.  Now, you and your client can continue to enjoy strong relations throughout the client’s retirement years, often extending to the next generation of family members.

Minimal Time Commitment or Learning Curve

  • The accountants in your firm do not suddenly have to become “market wizards” or devote significant time to starting up and maintaining the wealth management business.  The IAFG member firms have hired qualified financial planners to manage planning relationships with clients while IAIC provides all of the investment management services.  The accountant’s role is simply to work with the financial planner and investment manager to help ensure the right planning is in place for each wealth management client.



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